Making decisions
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Protecting and improving the lives of
vulnerable individuals.

Court Appointed Guardianships

A very specific court appointment that requires...
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Court Appointed Conservatorships or Guardian of the Estate

Also, a very specific court appointment that might...
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Social Security or Veterans Administration Representative Payee

This service deals with just a monthly benefit payment...
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Special Needs Discretionary Trusts

Guardianship Services acts as trustee for these specialized trusts...
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What We Do

Guardianship Services of Saginaw County, Inc. acts as a guardian or financial manager for people who need someone to protect their interests.

We Are Here To Help

Doing the right thing, at the right time.

Some of the services we provide include management of bills/financial records, making housing decisions, Medicaid applications and qualification, asset management, and other services to help people live their best life.

About Us

We have been providing services to qualified people living in Saginaw County since 1992.

  • 16,276

    estimated cases

  • 50

    years of experience

  • 804

    currently serving